October 7, 2016

Daniel Rabourdin, you are in post-production of The Hidden Rebellion. You have been doing pretty well given the odds, but this is also due to the engagement (click here to support the production!) of many people in America and France. Where are you at right now?   

Thank you. The docudrama has actually gone through two new big steps toward completion. We created thirteen animated maps and we established a graphic style. You will get a hint of this style at the end of the excerpt we send you. The maps took around 120 hours to be made. The Opening Credits took about 40 hours. We used the printing characters of 18th century France. You will notice that the background is composed with letters and envelopes of the time period.

As before, this production keeps taking some interesting twists and turns…

Yes, the little story is that if those historical letters had been left to me, I would not have given them too much of a chance. They did not look particularly exciting to me, a 52 year-old European. But when our 25 year-old American Production Assistant, Andrew, put his eyes on them, he was excited about them. With their ancient look, they were exotic to him. Our writer, Matthew, confirmed; so then I was sold on them. And so now, Phase 1 and 2 of this campaign have been accomplished. I am quite proud of the results even if they still need some work. What do you think of them?

Well, as we learn more about TV production, we understand where you are going with them. But it’s your voice, over the map, right?

Yes, but it will be replaced by a professional actor’s. My voice here was used like a “place holder”. It occupies the space in the show and it allows us to build around it with maps, music texts etc. This, before we pay a good actor for a final and improved text. That is when we move to phase 3! We are going soon to record the two final professional actors as well as polish the maps and the editing of act 2 and 3. It has been hard to find the voice talents but we have the two of them, here, in the Los Angeles area. We needed a man and a woman who understood the spiritual point of view of our Catholic Vendeeans in the 18th century. It’s not easy to find. Especially in a new land like America. The Christian, then, had a Christian honor and loyalty that was mixed with their peasant humility. The drowning of the priests made their blood boil. It was a time when the children would kiss the hands of the priests for handling the “bread of angels”. I was also looking for the capacity to speak with a slight French accent.

It sounds like you have a plan but you also do not have a plan.

Or maybe Divine Providence is forcing me to be flexible. One day, a partner told me that finding a spiritual American actor capable of having a slight French accent was maybe impossible. Well, that night I went to a Theology on Tap in Hollywood, and the first man I talked to answered to me in French. When I asked him what he was doing, he answered he was a voice talent!

Really?! It looks like a micro-miracle! So where are you at now? How is the production organized?

To accelerate the completion of editing I drove to Los Angeles and I now work with two editors during the week plus the graphic designer in Alabama to bring the last touches to the maps. One editor brings the final touches to Act 1 and the other is still working on Act 2 and 3 for more fundamental improvements.

And what comes next?

Well, let’s say that with the support of your readers, of people who want to make a difference in films, of people who are tired of seeing Christians never being defended, I can show you in a month a second map sequence with the professional voice over it. Maybe a sequence from Act 2, also…

Daniel, thank you for your time producing this piece (click here to support the production!).

And thank you for relaying this effort, thank you to your readers! Tell them we are working for them. We are together in this cause. And I wanted to tell you that those actors, those assistants, those writers, they pray for Hollywood. Many are poor. But they live a truly engaged life because they have a great cause to fight for. So we kind of we produce this show on behalf of your readers who are the Church with us. For Phase 3, we have $5,300 to go. This can be your readers’ work of love too, their charity. I repeat that politically correct show have a lot of easy money flowing to them. We do not but we have the real people of America. So may the good God bless them as they take a stand with us and may the prayers of the martyrs of Vendée be with them and you in all that you do. We will make a difference. The French Revolution holds the role of a mother figure for radicals and the dominant media. When and if the fact of a genocide shown in Hidden Rebellion is made known to a wide audience, the public discourse about this disastrous socialism will be positively altered. The situation of Christians and all men at the hand of collectivist societies will improve.

Courtesy of Regina Magazine

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