October 10, 2016

photo60_zps7e2c92b3-223x300When a story remains untold, a lot of sacrifices vanish in thin air. Not many seek these stories to revive them. Hidden Rebellion stands out for unearthing a chapter of the French Revolution few will know. Blessed by a Bishop of France, it will be a great story of faith and martyrs.

I asked the film producer, Daniel Rabourdin, why they decided to start on this project and what effect they hoped it would have. His answer was thorough and shows incredible dedication. I hope you’ll take the time to spread word about this project and donate, but if you can’t give money, please send up a prayer.

Why did I start this crazy, risky production called The Hidden Rebellion? Why do I desperately ask for your help in a little donation? I’m a fool, preferring to take a risk and produce something good–preferring it to a comfortable job.

Four years ago, I found an old comic book in my family basement in France. It was about the adventure of a Vendéan boy who succeeded to steal a canon from the soldiers of the French Revolution with his friends.

I had just finished a docudrama on Saint Joan of Arc so I was all about action filming. Plus, this story based on true events had all that I could wish for as a film writer. There was injustice, there was a David versus Goliath situation, there was a story that our cultural elites had tried to hide for several centuries.

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