October 10, 2016

georgia1658697_1504326449794787_754411585_o-300x199ATLANTA—Former EWTN producer Daniel Rabourdin is hoping to have screenings of his latest project, “The Hidden Rebellion,” in Atlanta this fall.

Currently wrapping up editing of the docudrama in Atlanta and Birmingham, Ala., Rabourdin will also produce a shorter version to distribute as a history program for television channels.

The work, with the French title “La Rébellion Cachée,” offers an untold story during the French Revolution of Catholic resistance in Vendée between 1793 and 1796.

A peaceful people, the residents of the Vendée region of France attempted to defend the clergy, to resist higher taxes and refused to wage war. At first victorious, the Vendeans were later defeated, and 150,000 people were exterminated, including slayings of women and children. Priests and nuns were among the victims and thrown to angry mobs.

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