November 19, 2016

If you liked Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, you’ll love The Hidden Rebellion coming on Nov. 5 to EWTN — another exceptionally strong voice on film crying out in the wilderness at this critical time in culture and history.

Filmmaker Daniel Rabourdin spent four years making The Hidden Rebellion. His efforts paid off handsomely. This is a first-rate, powerful work that unmasks the wolf of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity for what it really meant two centuries ago in the French Revolution, plus the film strongly shows how the story is as timely as today’s headlines about rampant political tyranny, political correctness, and religious persecution rise around the globe.

The film has been endorsed by Father Mitch Pacwa and Alice Von Hildebrand.

Beautifully made, The Hidden Rebellion focuses on the architects of the French Revolution inflicting a war of extermination in 1793 on the Vendean people, their countrymen in the peaceful Vendee region of rural western France who wanted to retain and practice their Catholic faith. But the fanatical revolutionaries were seizing church properties and stifling religion.

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