January 8, 2017

“I was blown away…”

Breitbart Radio’s Curt Schilling (…-curt-schilling/) begins his January 4, 2017 interview of “Hidden Rebellion” producer Daniel Rabourdin with these words.

As is probably the case with most Americans, Schilling had thought of the French Revolution in terms of a people rising against a tyranny in order to establish their own freedom. The French Revolution, however, was the project of a small group of the intellectual elite who were determined first and foremost to overthrow the Catholic faith’s hold on the French nation and people.

Rabourdin points out that French history schoolbooks have been sanitized to downplay the brutal war of extermination waged by Robespierre and his Parisian revolutionaries against the faithful farmers and peasants of the Vendee region between 1793 and 1796.

The revolutionaries “were not that smart, but they were certainly intellectual”, Rabourdin says, and they were prepared to resort to unlimited violence in order to re-make society along the lines of their “dangerously utopian ideals”.

“I could hear modern American politicians talking when I heard and read the quotes” of French military and government officials in the film, Schilling says, and Rabourdin points to the current persecution of Christians on US college campuses, where the left attempts to control thought and speech through “politically correct” terminologies, as reminiscent of the tactics employed in the French Revolution’s attempt to “create heaven on earth”.

Rabourdin, who left France in order to escape the left’s imposition of intellectual hegemony thirty years ago, repeatedly sounds the warning that the same undercurrents are now well-established in American universities and especially in Hollywood.

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