January 13, 2017

Gavin MacInness welcomed “Hidden Rebellion” producer Daniel Rabourdin onto his show January 4, 2017.

With the French-language version of the film (“La Rébellion Cachée”) being readied for theatrical release in France before the upcoming elections, Gavin and Daniel discuss the prospects for Francois Fillon, Marine Le Pen and the “conservative” parties in general.

Gavin has “never met a conservative French person”. Daniel admits himself to be a “traditional conservative with Christian social ethics”….among the Last of the Mohicans” in this regard. The dream of a socialist utopia, a “heaven on earth”, is alive again in the minds of younger voters, since they have not, for example, lived through the horror of the Soviet Union.

Even the album cover of a pop music star like Billy Bragg incorporates images of Che Guevara, notes Gavin, and Daniel emphasizes the need to confront the philosophies which underlie the romanticized notions of revolutionary politics.

“Philosophies can hurt- greatly- countries and people….so we have to think more, and address ideologies and philosophers….for example, they believe that man is perfect in his “raw” state”. That is the ‘noble savage’ of Rousseau……but the government has also to ‘flush away’ competition which comes from religion, or tradition, or ethics.”

Click here to watch the full interview, and watch for further updates as the French theatrical release, and the important French elections, approach.

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