I thank you for your help in the past and present. The docufilm exists, but it has not been distributed to its full potential.

We have the possibility of placing it on Amazon, ITunes, maybe Netflix, and even Walmart. Imagine, then the evangelization power this could have…

The cost of this new phase is around $30,000. This includes an upgrade in quality for those media outlets, as well as a big marketing campaign by professionals.

So, if you have confidence in me and if you see that I stepped up to the plate and gave you a very nice production, please consider helping me with this new phase as an act of evangelization and doing good.

The Hidden Rebellion speaks powerfully to fundamental questions of freedom of conscience and religious liberty.

The events recounted in the docudrama urgently remind us today of the need to establish strong relationships amongst those who care  about retaining our religious and cultural identities in the face of worrisome trends in public education, jurisdictional system, and another party when it is in power.

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Just because you want to do good. In this case you would not receive a thank you gift from me.

I will send you my Sacred Heart badge.
I took the authentic form of a Sacred Heart of Vendée as well as the line that a hesitant hand had written. This is an expression of the Sacred Heart spirituality as in the Promises of the Sacred Heart.

$148.00 DONATION
I will send you a T-Shirt of the Sacred Heart, size medium in blue and, as well as the badge.
“Sinners will find in my Heart the source and infinite ocean of mercy.”

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I will send you a T-Shirt of the Sacred Heart, size large in tan as well as the badge. “I will be their secure refuge during life, and above all, in death.”

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I will send you a cap with the Sacred Heart and the badge. “I will comfort them in all their afflictions.”

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I will send you all the gifts above as well as give you a call, if you want, to inform you of the film’s progress.  “I will bless every place in which an image of my Heart is exposed and honored.”

$1,000.00 DONATION
I will send you all of the gifts above, as well as give you and your friends a private projection of the film when and if I pass by your town. Having you there will prompt me to find a projection in a church near you that would justify the trip.