If you would like to host a screening of The Hidden Rebellion at your parish, event, school function or a group of friends, please, contact us below. There are flyers, posters, DVD and merchandise available. The producer is also available to book for your screening.


We ask that the parish or individual sponsors  purchase a minimum of 30 DVD’s at the specially discounted price of $10 each- if you expect a larger crowd, we can make up to 120 available at the discounted price. (Pricing does not include shipping)

Special family or small private screenings can be arranged with a minimum 15 DVD order.

The DVD’s can be sold for $15. The donation you may suggest at the door for viewing the event can be set at $10 with the possibility for the attendees to acquire the DVD for an additional $5. This allows the expenses to be recouped with even some possible benefits. Hence, you may also get a fund raiser for your community!

That’s it!

The only additional expense would involve having the Producer appear in person at the event, and this can be addressed once you have started the initial process.


1. Talk to the Parish Administrator And/or the pastor. Invite them to visit the website at

2.  Follow up by sending the “Producer’s letter of Screening” available HERE, as well as the poster. Share some pictures (that you can see on this page) of the past screenings.

3. Send the announcement and poster, with the pastor’s approval, to all the associations working under the umbrella of that community or parish. Ask permission to put our announcement to the community bulletin. Ask that the same announcement to be read during the announcements after Mass a few days prior to the screening.

4.  Post flyers on the campus of the community. Be present at the exit after Masses with the flyers the week before the screening.

5. Have four volunteers to take care of: reception at the door, selling of DVD, Mastering the Ceremony (including Question Answer at the end of the viewing), food and refreshment table, picture taking.

This above is a general presentation. When you write and contact us, we will work together to adjust and customize the event for your community.

Based on our initial parish screenings, your special group screening of “The Hidden Rebellion” could be one of the most successful and enjoyable parish events of the year! SEND US YOUR PICTURES!